The Woman in Black….Girls about Theatre

Given that graphic tv violence is the norm for me (I have a soft spot for Zombie movies) I’m amazed at how ‘The Woman in Black’ told by just two actors on a very small, intimate, dark stage has made me turn on all the lights in my flat. Without giving anything away, you are taken on a journey that begins with some lovely comic banter between the actors playing actors retelling the story as a play and then becomes this Gothic horror experience of shadowy figures, blood curdling screams, spooky mist and rocking chairs. Whoever devised The Woman in Black created this magical ‘watching through your finger’ experience where all your senses are on alert in anticipation of the madness, revenge and retribution by one very angry young woman ….yikes….I hope you enjoy the clip I’ve attached, however, what you really should do is go and see it and make sure you bring someone to grab onto when it all gets a bit too much….which reminds me…. thanks Matthew for being there to squeeze.


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I write about and record young, diverse, emerging artist working in media, fashion, music, dance basically the Arts.... through my involvement I hope to give these up and coming artist the exposure they need to keep on going, to succeed and eventually to create a brighter, shinier more wonderful cultural landscape for all of us to enjoy and learn from. View all posts by shinywarrior

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